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Adolescence is a time when youth explore their relationships with peers, both as friends and potential romantic or sexual partners. Despite the excitement, flirting, dating and sexual experimentation can cause stress for young people.
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When sociologist Tristan Bridges read a New York Times story about how often parents ask Google if their kids are geniuses — 2. A lot, as it turns out. And questions about the sexuality of sons were far more common that parallel search queries about daughters.
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I wrote from the assumption that the news the child is gay would come as a surprise, if not a shock, as it was for my parents. What do you do then? Well, the most important thing is to show that your love and understanding is unconditional.
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Verified by Psychology Today. When Your Child Is Gay. I accidentally found that note in his room when I was cleaning.
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I think my year-old-son who is an only child might be gay. It is something I always had in the back of my mind because he has always been different and quite effeminate, but now I feel there are more definite signs in what he is saying and what he is wearing,...
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However, it is only relatively recently that developmental scientists have conducted controlled studies with one clear aim in mind, which is to go beyond mere stereotypes and accurately identity the most reliable signs of later homosexuality. In looking carefully at the childhoods of now-gay adults, researchers are finding an...
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Secretly, many parents hope not. A few weeks before writing this, I bumped into an acquaintance, a middle-aged woman with two teenage sons.
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